Join us every Friday night at Storm Wisdom for an hour of meditation including the
In this new workshop called Galactic Holographic Healing, we will work directly with the archetypal
In this new workshop called Galactic Holographic Healing, we will work directly with the archetypal

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Intentional Living

What are you creating for yourself today? Do it with Intentions!

spiritual growth, personal development

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You are the part that makes it all work!

Spirituality Workshop, Personal Development Workshop

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What are you planting today?

Your thoughts and emotions define your future.

personal growth workshop, personal growth class, spiritual workshop

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Tools for Transformation

Quiet your mind and still your thoughts, connect to the Wisdom of the Ages.

Crystals, Crystal Grid Workshop, Energy Healing, Stones

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A Center for Intentional Living

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Explore, Discover, Become

Find the direction you are looking for from one of our Spiritual Consultants

intuitive services, intuitive readings, intuition, energy healing, energy healer, spiritual guidance, spiritual consultant, spiritual coach

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You are an explorer. Searching, studying and expanding your spiritual nature. You rely on intuition, personal insight, and your senses to energetically navigate your day. As an explorer you seek new tools, practices, techniques and perspectives that bring positive, uplifting and sustainable change to all areas of your life. You are part of a growing community focused on Intentional Living - You are the reason Storm Wisdom was created!

Welcome to Storm Wisdom. Your Center for Intentional Living! Visit, Shop, Experience, Learn and Explore!
We’re here for you!
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Thank you for this awesome article. I'm with you on the emotions! There is beauty to all emotions. And I soooo needed that reminder just now. Thank you once again for delivering just what I needed to hear in perfect timing. - Courtney

"Omgosh...i soooo needed this today! thank you for resonating words!! :)" - Colleen

"This was wonderful.. Inspiring. ....... Thank you..I love how you help me move the invisible curtain of the johari Window. So the unknown becomes known.... Thank you!" - Diane

"Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I just want you to know that I too am going through this with you and I couldn't put my finger on it until I read this. I appreciate you and Storm Wisdom so much!" - Mary Kay

"This really hit home for me. Thank you. Yes...i am safe in my comfort zone of smallness...but now its time i let the greatness side of me come forth and shine. Thank you…again!" - Barry

"As always Charles, I find your Wisdom e-news thought provoking and full of wisdom. Wish I lived closer to attend all those wonderful events at your store!" - Tricia

"Thank You Charles. I heard just what I needed to hear. I've been feeling a tug for a while and was afraid to take another direction. Fear, big time but now I know I must heed the call. This adventure just keeps getting more interesting." - Kristina

"THANK YOU… this is just what I needed!" - Patti

"LOVE WHAT YOU WROTE...THANK YOU! SO RIGHT ON!!!!! I believe people disempower themselves when everything is left to their guides and they don't have an original thought." - Marian

"Love this installment . . . LOVE your unfolding . . . love being such a part of your world . . . and you being a part of mine." - Gail

"Amazing how it all relates when we are open to seeing the clues! thanks so much for sharing your journey!" - Michelle

"Thank you for writing this.... It helped me - ...I am still learning how to deal with what's going on in the body - and not 'pollute' it with my mind... so perfect timing...and I thank you!!!" - Andi

"Thank you! I enjoy your weekly posts so much. I particularly like the recognition you had of your adolescent and child inside, what that meant to you, and what you did with that information. What a beautiful gift to others. Thank you!" - Karen

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